I post free downloadable PDFs of  many of my publications, including most of my full-length books. I believe that today’s reader seeks writing in different forms and that reading has taken on different shapes. By releasing books as PDFs in to the collective commons, writing can better engage with new, liquid, forms of reading and collaboration.

I believe that releasing my writing online for free encourages new and unexpected ways of people engaging and responding with the writing; it  will encourage experimentation and reaction. I encourage authors to scan your publications & release them online as a free PDFs.

So here you go, I’m giving it all away.



Beaulieu, Derek, ed. The Minute Review Vol.2 No.4 [little magazine]

Beaulieu, Derek, ed. The Minute Review Vol.2 No.5 [little magazine]

Beaulieu, Derek, ed. The Minute Review Vol.2 No.6 [little magazine]

Dendrochronology. Banff: No Press, 2021 [chapbook]

Surface Stress. Banff: No Press, 2022. [chapbook]

Silence. Banff: No Press, 2022. [chapbook]

Thunder. Lieria: Paper View Books, 2022. [chapbook]

Carve or Melt Meets Scratch and Tint. Lieria: Paper View Books, 2022 [chapbook with Jeff Crouch]

Ontario Hydro. Ottawa: above/ground press, 2022. [chapbook]

Reinforced Steel. Banff: No Press, 2022. [chapbook]

The blank white page contains the finest song. Scotland: essence press, 2022. [book object]

Hot Metal Slug. Banff: No Press, 2022. [leaflet]

I Cannot Sleep unless Surrounded by Books. Banff: No Press, 2022. [leaflet]


Lens Flare. Falmouth: Guillemot Press, 2021. [with Rhys Farrell]. [full book]

WV / WY. Banff: No Press, 2021. [with Sal Nunkachov] [chapbook]

a, A Novel. Santiago, Chile: pez espirale, 2021. [chapbook]

Another Piece of Reassuring Plastic. Banff: No Press, 2021. [chapbook]

Spalling. New Westminster, BC: pagefiftyone, 2021. [card]

Brevflodslette. Copenhagen: non plus ultra, 2021. [accordion-fold booklet]

fine and coarse aggregate #1 [2nd revised edition]. San Diego: poems-for-all, 2021. [chapbook]

fine and coarse aggregate #2. San Diego: poems-for-all, 2021. [chapbook]

dilated aperture. San Diego: poems-for-all, 2021. [chapbook]

One Simple Symmetry & Nine Variations. Kingston: Puddles of Sky, 2021. [chapbook]

“Intersponse 3: derek beaulieu“. Periodicities [online interview/discussion with Dani Spinosa]

A Short Interview.Nuts and Bolts [online interview with Joe Devlin]

No Press.Penteract Press [short online interview with Anthony Etherin and Clara Danari]

Beaulieu, Derek, ed. The Minute Review Vol.2 No.1 [little magazine]

Beaulieu, Derek, ed. The Minute Review. Vol. 2 No. 2 [little magazine]

Beaulieu, Derek, ed. The Minute Review. Vol. 2 No. 3 [little magazine]

Sachi Nag interviews me for The Artisanal Writer [online interview]

Asmaa Magdy’s “Why No More Poetry? An Interview with Derek Beaulieu” in Periodicities [online interview]

Dendrochronology. Banff: No press, November 2021. [chapbook]


Give ‘er. np: Radical Paper press, 2020 [chapbook]

graphing our feelings: a collaborative visual poem. Calgary: Blasted Tree, 2020. [with Gary Barwin, Erin Brandt-Filliter, Kyle Flemmer, Kate Siklosi, Helen Hajnoczky] [leaflet]

untitled. Banff: no press, February 2020. [chapbook]

untitled. Banff: no press, March 2020. [chapbook]

asterisk ampersand asterisk: the Poetry of the Centennial Planetarium. Calgary: Contemporary Calgary, 2020. [with Pratim Sengupta] [chapbook]

Self-Quarantine. Banff: no press, 2020. [leaflet]

other solvents. Calgary: Whiskeyjack Press, 2020. [card]

Local Colour. Wilmington, NC: Happy Monks Press, 2020. [card]

Flash Haiku. Calgary: Blasted Tree, 2020. [broadside]

Cabaret. Ottawa: above/ground, 2020. [chapbook]

small press: brief thoughts on location.” Periodicities [online article]


Aperture. Shropshire: Penteract press, 2019. [full book]

Skare. Gothenburg, Sweden: Viktlösheten, 2019. [chapbook]

occupied floor. Banff: No Press, 2019. [leaflet]

jury of your peers. Dublin: Gorse, 2018. [beermats]

On Syntax. Malmö, Sweden: Timglaset, 2019. [chapbook]

give ‘er. special issue of #sync2 [chapbook]

WYBCX: Yale Radio interview [online interview]

Westword interview with Derek Beaulieu [online interview]

Derek Beaulieu in Conversation [online interview]

McMahon, Fiona.Performative Archives: The Visual Poetry of bpNichol and Derek Beaulieu.” Polysèmes 21 (2019).

Jackson, Callum. “The Revival of Dead Tech.Medium. May 16, 2019.

extispicium. Coburg: Proper Tales press, 2019 [chapbook]


Tattered Sails. Calgary: No Press, 2018. [chapbook]

Tattered Sails. Ottawa: above/ground press, 2018. [chapbook]

full size render. Montreal: Monastiraki, 2018. [chapbook, with Billy Mavreas]

Fragmentum. Burlington: Simulacrum Press, 2018. [chapbook]

fine & coarse aggregate #1. San Diego: poems-for-all, 2018. [chapbook]

L’echec de Perec. London, UK: Ma Bibliotheque, 2018. [chapbook]

Black Square #1. Calgary: Blasted tree, 2018. [broadside]

Counter/Weight. Achill Island, Ireland: redfoxpress, 2018. [full book]

“An Oneiric Spectacle in Miniature: Samuel Andreyev’s Music with no Edges.” Vienna, Austria: Kairos, 2018. [CD Liner notes for Sam Andreyev’s Music with no Edges]

Inside/Out Lecture at Leeds Beckett University [online lecture]


Colour. Romania: Khora Impex, 2017. (with Yigru Zeltil)

In Memoriam, Bob Cobbing and Jennifer Pike Cobbing. Calgary: Blasted Tree, 2017. [leaflet]

Vexations 3: Lexmark XM5163. Calgary: No press, 2017.

a a novel 1-20. Ottawa: above/ground Press, 2017. [chapbook]

Openings (After Marcel Duchamp). Shropshire, UK: Pentaract, 2017. [leaflet]

TISH: another “sense of things.” Buffalo: Poetry Collection of the University Libraries, University at Buffalo, State University of New York, 2017. [monograph]

frogments from the frag pool (for Leon). Calgary: no press, 2017. (with Gary Barwin) [leaflet]

Por Favor, No Más poesía. Santiago, Chile: Libros del pez Espiral, 2017. (translation by Carlos Soto Román) [chapbook]

“Another piece of reassuring plastic: what the Noigandres group taught me, a reflection.” Canada and Beyond: A Journal of Canadian Literary and Cultural Studies. 6 (May 2017) [peer reviewed article]

Konzeptuelle Arbeiten. Bern, Switerland: edition taberna kritika, 2017.

A Readymade Dictionary. Ottawa: Apt. 9 press, 2017 [leaflet]

A Chessboard (for Christian Bök). Calgary: Spacecraft press, 2017. [broadside]

A Pistol Smuggled in Typhus. Calgary: Blasted Tree, 2017 [broadside]

ABC: An Abecedarium. Malmö, Sweden: timglaset, 2017. [chapbook]

Snälla, inte mer poesi. trans Joakim Norling. Malmö, Sweden: timglaset, 2017. [leaflet]

Concrete Palindromes. Shropshire, UK: Pentaract, 2017. [leaflet]

VEXATIONS BOOK 4 Xerox Workcentre 7845i (FOR ERIK SATIE). Calgary: No press, November 2017.

Koloss. Hamilton: Serif of Nottingham, 2017. [chapbook]

Neith Cursive. Shropshire, UK: Pentaract, 2017. [leaflet]

a: A Novel. Paris: Jean BoÎte Editions, 2017. [promotional bookmark]

a: A Novel. Paris: Jean Boîte Editions. [full book]

Miss Read Festival Interview [online interview, vimeo]

Derek Beaulieu : « Nous, les poètes, nous avons 100 ans de retard ! » [online interview, youtube]

Who is derek beaulieu? [online interview]

Building a bestseller [online interview]

“Poetry pops up on Mount Royal Campus” [online interview]


B&W 6&7. Barrie: afterwords, 2016. [chapbook]

En Vision av Linjeland. Stockholm: Chateaux, 2016. (translated by Peter Thörneby) [chapbook]

Erasing Warhol. Calgary: Spacecraft Press, 2016. [chapbook]

a a novel. Calgary: No Press, 2016. [chapbook]

The Duchamp Opening. Calgary: No Press, 2016. [broadside]

La Disparition. Calgary: No Press, 2016. [broadside]

ascender / descender. Ireland: redfoxpress, 2016.

Vexations Book 1: Lexmark XM9155. Calgary: No Press, 2016.

Vexations Book 2: Xerox Workcentre 5755. Calgary: No Press, 2016.

Vexations Book 2: Xerox Workcentre 5755. Kingston: Puddles of Sky Press, 2016. [chapbook]

GB3. Toronto: Flat Singles Press, 2016. [broadside]

inside drawer / outside wrap. Calgary: No Press, 2016. [leaflet]

Murchison and Lonewolf. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2016. [postcard, inserted in the special edition of Christian Bök’s The Xenotext Book 1]

We Were Never Intended to be Tied to Whatever Made Us. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2016. [postcard, inserted in the special edition of Christian Bok’s The Xenotext Book 1]

Quercus: “Nations hurled together so they might learn to know one another.” Ottawa: above/ground Press, 2016. [broadside]

Five Poems (for Leonard Dawe). Shropshire, UK: Pentaract, 2016. [leaflet]

De-coding Public: conversations with derek beaulieu [online interview]

Conversations in the Book Trade [online interview]

“The Men and Women who wrote our City.” [CBC article]


The Unbearable Contact with Poets. Manchester, UK: If P then Q, 2015. (courtesy If P then Q)

Game of Life: a user’s manual. Calgary: Space Craft Press, 2015. [chapbook]

SLOT no. 11. Stockholm, Sweden, November 2015. [chapbook]

I Dream of Bookstores. Calgary: Pages Press, 2015. [broadside]

Give ‘er. Ottawa: above/ground Press, 2015. [broadside]

Calgary Reads Little Free Library Passport. Calgary: Calgary Reads, 2015. [chapbook]

flatland. New Orleans: Language Foundry, 2015. [chapbook]

a light shed. Melbourne, Australia: Sippy Cup, 2015. [digital chapbook, scribd]

Since 2005 I have edited and published no press, a small press dedicated to publishing whatever the hell i feel like. Toulouse, France: ASMR Editions, 2015. [chapbook]

derek beaulieu’s library [online interview, soundcloud]

Poet Laureate and ACAD instructor Derek Beaulieu looking for Choose Your Own Adventure books (for academic purposes).The Calgary Herald.  Aug 30, 2015.

ACAD instructor goes Dungeon Master with English Literature.Metro. Aug 29, 2015.


Please, No More Poetry. Edmonton: Red Nettle Press, April 2014. [letterpress broadside collection]

Kern. Los Angeles: Les Figues Press, 2014.

please, no more poetry. Italy: diyfferx, 2014 [leaflet]

a small stack. Digital chapbook, 2014. Co-written with Brian Larossa. [chapbook]

six ways to ruin your day. Portland: press-press-pull, 2014. [chapbook]

transcend transcribe transfigure transform transgress. Ottawa: above/ground, 2014. [chapbook]

Text Without Text: Concrete Poetry and Conceptual Writing. [PhD Dissertation, Roehampton University, 2014]

Calgary’s New Poet laureate looks forward to future [online interview]

Borkent, Mike. “Visual Improvisation: Cognition, Materiality, and Postlinguistic Visual Poetry.” Visible Language journal. 48.3. (July 2014)

Bringing back the typewriter.” CBC Radio. Mar 7 2014.

Calgary’s Poet Laureate sets up interactive display at the Epcor Words and images collide for Derek Beaulieu.” The Calgary Herald. Aug 21, 2014.


he Design of Purposes. Calgary: No Press, 2013. [chapbook]

Please, No More Poetry: The Poetry of derek beaulieu. Ed. Kit Dobson. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2013.

Writing Surfaces: Selected Fiction of John Riddell. John Riddell. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2013. (Co-edited with Lori Emerson.)

Writers as Readers: an interview with derek beaulieu [online interview]


Untitled (for Billy Mavreas). Toronto: puddles of sky press, 2012. [chapbook]

ECONOMIES OF SCALE: rob mclennan interviews derek beaulieu on NO PRESS / derek beaulieu interviews rob mclennan on above/ground press. Ottawa: above/ground press, 2012. [chapbook]

All work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy. Los Angeles: Insert Blanc Press, 2012. [chapbook]

RUSH: what fuckan theory; a study uv language. bill bissett. Toronto: Bookthug, 2012. (Co-edited with Gregory Betts.) [8 page excerpt only, courtesy Bookthug]

CCWWP Pegagogy Interview #2: Derek Beaulieu [online interview]

Conceptualist ostranenie: A dialogue between Derek Beaulieu (Canada) and Natalia Fedorova (Russia).Jacket2. August 10, 2012.


db. Schenectady: dbpq: 2011. [broadsheet]

Kern. West Lima, WI: Xexoxial Editions, 2011. [chapbook]

The Great Canadian Writers Craft Interview: Derek Beaulieu [online interview]

Seen of the Crime: essays on Conceptual writing. Montréal: Snare, 2011. (courtesy UBUWeb)

A Print. Norway: Audiatur, 2011. [poster series]

from concrete poetry to the poetics of obsolescence: an interview with Derek Beaulieu [online interview]

“Copy Paste Publish: on Appropriation.” (with Gregory Betts) [peer-reviewed article]

Kern 12. Calgary: No Press, 2011. [leaflet]

Object #5. Manchester: Zimzalla, 2011. [chapbook]


This is Visual Poetry. Kingston, PA: Paper Kite Press, 2010. [chapbook]

Silence. Ireland: redfoxpress, 2010.

How to Write. Vancouver: Talonbooks, 2010.

Fierce Indulgence. Torino, Italy: Offerta Speciale, 2010. [chapbook]

Colours. Calgary: No press, 2010. [chapbook]

Kerned Alphabet. Calgary: No Press, 2010. [chapbook]

Quartet for 6 Voices. Mayne Island: perro verlag, 2010. [chapbook]

Speechless #1. Ed. Derek Beaulieu. Includes poetry by Eva Gonzalez, Rachelle Pinnow, Helen Hajnoczky, Mary Ellen Solt; criticism by Hajnoczky.

Speechless #2. Ed. Derek Beaulieu. Includes poetry by Giles Goodland, Jessica Smith, Billy Mavreas, Valerie Roybal, Emmett Williams; criticism by Kyle Larson.

Speechless #3. Ed. Derek Beaulieu. Includes poetry by Peter Ciccariello, Kelly Mark, Óttar M. Norðfjörð, Marilyn R. Rosenberg, Mike Cannell, Lola Galla; criticism by Christian Bök.

Speechless #4. Ed. Derek Beaulieu. Includes poetry by Cecil Touchon.

Speechless #5. Ed. Derek Beaulieu. Includes poetry by Silke Rath, Jesse Ferguson, Nico Vassilakis, Anni Albers, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Carlyle Baker and Yass Nassiri.

Speechless #6. Ed. Derek Beaulieu. Includes poetry by Jen Bervin.

Speechless #7. Ed. Derek Beaulieu. Includes poetry by Dirk Krecker.

Speechless #8. Ed. Derek Beaulieu. Includes “Collaborations for Alaric Sumner” by Bob Cobbing and Lawrence Upton.

derek beaulieu: theft, owneership and remixing language [online interview, youtube]

Jarvis, Rebekah. “One man’s trash: Calgary poet laments loss of Letraset.The Weal. Nov 25, 2010.


26 Alphabets (for Sol LeWitt). Ed. Derek Beaulieu. Calgary: No Press, 2009.

2 poems for Kristen. Calgary: No Press, 2009. [chapbook]

. Cork, Ireland: default Press / dusie chaps, 2009. [chapbook]

wild rose country. Ottawa: above/ground Press, 2009. [broadside]

Conceptual Writing and bpNichol.” Open Letter. 13.8 (Spring 2009): 101-108. [article]


Local Colour. Helsinki, Finland: ntamo, 2008. (courtesy Eclipse)

How to Write / How to Edit. UBUWeb: Publishing the Unpublishable, 2008 (courtesy UBUWeb)

chains. Kingston, PA: Paper Kite Press, 2008.

Hell Passport Volume 9. Vancouver: Perro Verlag Books by Artists, 2008 [chapbook]

Local Colour. Calgary: No Press, 2008. [chapbook]

I Don’t Read. Calgary: No Press, 2008. [leaflet]

ilthy. Jacksonville, IL: avantacular press, 2008. [chapbook]

“Linguistic Fragmentation as Political Intervention in Calgarian poetry.”Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses, 56; April 2008. [article]

Linguistic Fragmentation as Political Intervention in Calgarian poetries.Open Letter, 13:6; Summer2008. [article]


Flatland: a romance of many dimensions. York, UK: information as material, 2007. (courtesy UBUWeb)


Spire Poetry Poster. Vol. 3 No. 8 (June 2006) [issue of poetry leaflet dedicated to beaulieu’s poetry]

Flatland No.1-10. Calgary: No Press, 2006. [chapbook]

flatland #21. Ottawa: Griddle Grin, 2006. [leaflet]

Bothboth. (May 2006) [issue of poetry magazine, dedicated to beaulieu’s and Justin Katko’s poetry]

8 prints. Calgary: No Press, 2006. [chapbook, inserted in the special edition of angela rawlings’ wide slumber for lepidopterists]

fractal economies. Vancouver: talonbooks, 2006.


frogments from the frag pool: haiku after basho. Toronto: The Mercury Press, 2005. Co-written with Gary Barwin.

Shift & Switch: New Canadian Poetry. Toronto: The Mercury Press, 2005. Co-edited with Jason Christie and angela rawlings. [readable online, courtesy Internet Archive]

“Fidgeting with the Scene of the Crime.”Open Letter, 12:7 (Fall 2005): 58-61. [article] (courtesy UBUWeb)

chains. Calgary: No Press, 2005. [chapbook]

fractals. Calgary: No Press, 2005. [chapbook]

winnipeg suite. Calgary: No press, 2005. [chapbook]

fractals of conversation. Calgary: No Press, 2005. (with Jason Christie, Natalie Zina Walschots, Jordan Scott and Jill Hartman) [chapbook]

[the orange manifesto]. Calgary: ModL, 2005. [leaflet]

call & response. Calgary: Martian press, 2005 [chapbook] (with Jonathan Ball)


Stanzas #38 “Calcite Gours 1-19.” Ottawa: above/ground, 2004. [issue of poetry magazine]

[Dear Fred]. Ottawa: above/ground, 2004. [chapbook]

TISH Magazine 1961-1969: another “sense of things.” [MA thesis, University of Calgary, 2004]

“an afterwords after words: notes towards a concrete poetic.” 2004. [article] (courtesy UBUWeb)


with wax. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2003. [9 page excerpt only, courtesy Coach House Books]

split 7″: two poems. Calgary: housepress / yardpress, 2003. [with Jason Christie] [leaflet]

‘Misshapen Chaos of well-seeming forms’: Restricted and general economies in the concrete poetry of John Riddell Darren Wershler-Henry and Steve McCaffery.Open Letter. 11.8 (Summer, 2003): 110-118. [article]


[     ]. Toronto: bookthug, 2002. [chapbook]

velvet touch lettering. Calgary: yardpress, 2002. [chapbook]

“State of the (E)Art: or, what’s wrong with internet poetry?”Object 10, 2002. [article, co-written with Russ Rickey] (courtesy UBUWeb)

“‘I need a commutiny, feeling a little car-sick, sundenly’: a few thoughts on Van magazine.” Open Letter 11.6 (Fall 2002): 113-118. [article]


Blame. Calgary: housepress, 2000. [leaflet]

5 prints. Calgary: housepress, 2000. [print series]

DPI: a fractal. Calgary: housepress, 2000. [chapbook]

Beaulieu, Derek, tom muir, rrickey, eds. endnote 2. [little magazine]


ripples. Calgary: housepress, 1999. [leaflet]

keyboard poetics. Calgary: housepress, 1999. [leaflet]

portrait 4. Ottawa: above/ground Press, 1999. [broadside]

bash(o)ful pondifications. Toronto: Kitsch In Ink, 1999. [chapbook]

the city on prairie writing. Calgary: housepress, 1999. [leaflet]

2 birthday poems. Calgary: housepress, 1999. [leaflet]

TTbpN2: Translating Translating bpNichol part 2. Calgary: housepress, 1999. [chapbook anthology]


IV. 08/13/97 (“her fear of the silence after she spoke”). Ottawa: above/ground, 1998. [broadside]

“A? any questions? Ottawa: above/ground, 1998. [chapbook]

“Al\PH\ABEt: (DE)fiND. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [chapbook]

A/ ‘AH’. Ocean Grove, Australia: Mighty Thin Books, 1998. [chapbook]

“: A Book of Vowels. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [accordion-fold chapbook]

after basho. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

Basho’s Thot Process. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

basho’s pond. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

blackandwhite (for p.banting). Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

fEEl. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [postcard]

congradgraduaLtionstions. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

a christmas star. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

a small love poem. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [chapbook]

read. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [leaflet]

“Xian.   Calgary: housepress, 1998. [chapbook]

joint/lateral forces. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [chapbook]

Haiku I. Calgary: housepress, 1998. [broadside]

Keyboard Po(e/li)tics. Calgary / Brampton: housepress / poetic immolation Press, 1998. (with Neil Hennessy)

cancon interviews: derek beaulieu: housepress [online interview]


Distorted Underwood. Calgary: housepress, November 1997. [postcard]

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