Image: “OH!” by Barbara Caruso & bpNichol.
[Toronto, Seripress, approx. 8 august 1971. 13 copies] signed in black pencil rear by Caruso.  
16 x 12, ivory kraft card broadside printed grey, umber, olive green & dark mauve silkscreen.

Working Document: Full-length editions of concrete poetry by Canadian poets, 1965-2022

Note: This list idiosyncratically represents “full-length” (mostly perfect-bound) editions of Concrete poetry by Canadian poets. Not included are small press editions (i.e. chapbooks, leaflets; though some exceptions are made for key/influential editions) nor books that include some concrete but are primarily text-based writing. Links are provided where texts are available online. I am open to suggested additions via email at


Coupey, Pierre. “The Alphabet of Blood.” Delta. (December, 1964) [special note should be made of this magazine appearance as an early, and highly influential, progenitor of Concrete poetry in Canada, despite the fact that it is outside the scope of this list]


bissett, bill. We Sleep Inside Each Other All. (Ganglia, 1965)

Nichol, bp. Cycles, etc. (7 flowers press, 1965)

Thibaudeau, Colleen. Lozenges: Poems in the Shapes of Things. (alphabet press, 1965)  


bissett, bill. Th Jinx ship and othr trips: pomes, drawings, collage. (blewointment, 1966)

Itter, Carole. Word Work. (Intermedia Press, 1966)


Aylward, David. Type Scapes. (Coach House Press, 1967)

bissett, bill. Th gossamer bed pan. (blewointment, 1967)

bissett, bill. Lebanon voices. (weed/flower, 1967)

bissett, bill. Where is Miss Florence Riddle? (blewointment / fleye, 1967)

bissett, bill. What Poetiks. (blewointment, 1967)

Copithorne, Judith. Meandering. (Returning Press, 1967)

Nichol, bp. Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer. (Writers Forum, 1967)

Nichol, bp. bp. (Coach House Press, 1967)


Aylward, David. The War Against the Asps or The Serpent Problem. (Ganglia, 1968)

bissett, bill. Awake in the Red Desert: A Recorded Book. (Talonbooks / SeeHear Productions, 1968)

bissett, bill. Of the land divine service: poems. (weed/flower, 1968)

bissett, bill. sunday work. (blewointmentpress. 1968)


Birney, Earle. pnomes jukollages & other stunzas. (Ganglia, 1969)

bissett, bill. Liberating skies. (blewointment, 1969)

bissett, bill. The Lost Angel Mining Co. (blewointment, 1969)

Broudy, Hart. Cluster. (grOnk, 1969)

Copithorne, Judith. Release. (Bau-Xi, 1969)

Copithorne, Judith. Rain. (grOnk, 1969)

Mayne, Seymour. Manimals. (Very Stone Press, 1969)

McCaffery, Steve. Six Concrete Poems. (grOnk, 1969)

McCaffery, Steve. Ground Plans for a Speaking City. (Anonbeyond Press, 1969)

Nichol, bp. Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer. (Writers Forum, 1969)

Riddell. John. Pope Leo, El ELoPE: A Tragedy in Four Letters. (Ganglia, 1969)

Suknaski, Andrew. Rose Way in the East. (Ganglia, 1969)

Varney, Ed et al. Concrete Poetry: An Exhibition in Four Parts. (University of British Columbia, 1969)


bissett, bill. S th story I to: trew adventure (blewointment, 1970)

bissett, bill. Tuff shit. (bandit, 1970)

Copithorne, Judith. Runes. (Coach House Press / Intermedia, 1970)

McCaffery, Steve. Melons. (grOnk, 1970)

McCaffery, Steve. Transitions to the Beast: Post-Semiotic Poetry (Ganglia, 1970)

Nichol, bp. Still Water. (Talonbooks, 1970)

Nichol, bp, ed. The Cosmic Chef: An Evening of Concrete. (Oberon, 1970)

Riddell. John. untitled. (grOnk, 1970)


bissett, bill. Blew trewz. (blewointment, 1971)

bissett, bill. Dragon fly. (weed/flower, 1971)

bissett, bill. Drifting into war. (Talonbooks, 1971)

bissett, bill. Nobody owns th earth. (House of Anansi, 1971)

Broudy, Hart. When I was Young One Summer. (grOnk, 1971)

Clinton, Martina. Yonder Glow. (blewointment, 1971)

Clinton, Martina. Something in. (Ganglia Press, 1971)

Columbo. John Robert, ed. New Directions in Canadian Poetry. (Holt, Rinehart And Winston, 1971)

Copithorne, Judith. Miss Tree’s Pillow Book. (Intermedia / Returning Press, 1971)

McCaffery, Steve and bpNichol. Parallel Texts. (Anonbeyond Press, 1971)

McCaffery, Steve. Maps: A Different Landscape. (grOnk, 1971)

McCaffery, Steve and bpNichol. Collborations. (grOnk, 1971)

Nichol, bp. ABC: The Aleph Beth Book. (Oberon Press, 1971)

Suknaski, Andrew. Rose Way in the East. (grOnk, 1971)


Birney, Earle, bill bissett, Judith Copithorne, and Andy Suknaski. Four Parts Sand: Concrete Poems. (Oberon Press, 1972)

bissett, bill. Air 10-11-12. (Air Press, 1972)

bissett, bill. IBM: saga uv th relees uv human spirit from compuewterr funckshums. (blewointment, 1972)

bissett, bill. Th ice bag (th high green hill, polar bear hunt, words in th fire). (blewointment, 1972)

bissett, bill. Pomes for Yoshi. (blewointment, 1972)

bissett, bill. RUSH: What Fuckan Theory; a study uv language. (blewointment / Ganglia, 1972)

Broudy, Hart. When I was Young One Summer: A Concrete picturepoem. (grOnk, 1972)


Basmajian, Shaunt. Quote Unquote. (Old Nun, 1973)

bissett, bill. Th first sufi line. (blewointment, 1973)

bissett, bill. pass the food releas th spirit book. (Talonbooks, 1973)

Copithorne, Judith. Arrangements. (Intermedia, 1973)

McCaffery, Steve. Carnival: The First Panel; 1967-70. (Coach House Press, 1973)

Nichol, bp. Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer. (Ganglia, 1973)

Nichol, bp. The Adventures of Milt the Morph in Colour. (Seripress, 1973)

Nichol, bp. Aleph Unit. (Seripress, 1973)

Nichol, bp. Unit of Four. (Seripress, 1973)

Scobie, Stephen. Stone poems. (Talonbooks, 1973)


bissett, bill. Vancouver Mainland Ice and Cold Storage. (Writer’s Forum, 1974)

bissett, bill. Living with the vishyun. (new star, 1974)

bissett, bill. Medicine my mouth’s on fire. (Oberon, 1974)

bissett, bill. Space travl. (Air, 1974)

bissett, bill. What. (blewointment, 1974)

bissett, bill. Yu can eat it at th opening. (blewointment, 1974)

Broudy, Hart. A book of a. (blewointment, 1974)

McCaffery, Steve. Broken Mandala. (grOnk, 1974)

Nichol, bp. Love: a book of remembrances. (Talonbooks, 1974)


bissett, bill. image being. (blewointment, 1975)

bissett, bill. stardust. (blewointment, 1975)

bissett, bill. th fifth sun. (blewointment, 1975)

bissett, bill. venus. (blewointment, 1975)

McCaffery, Steve and Steven Ross Smith. Edge. (Anonbeyond, 1975)

Wah, Fred. Pictograms from the Interior of BC. (Talonbooks, 1975)


Truhlar, Richard and John Riddell. Priapus Arched and Morox. (Phenomenon, 1976)

bissett, bill. an allusyn to macbeth. (Black Moss, 1976)

bissett, bill. plutonium missing. (Intermedia, 1976)

bissett, bill. th wind up tongue. (blewointment, 1976)

McCaffery, Steve. Shifters. (grOnk, 1976)

Nichol, bp. H: An Excursion. (Seripress, 1976)

Schafer, R. Murray. Smoke: a novel. (grOnk, 1976)


bissett, bill. Pomes for Yoshi. (Talonbooks, 1977)

Dedora, Brian. The Dream. (Kontakte / Phenomenon Press, 1977)

McCaffery, Steve. Carnival: The Second Panel, 1970-1975. (Coach House Press, 1977)

Riddell, John. Criss-cross: a Text book of Modern Composition. (Coach House Press, 1977)

Whyte, Jon. Open Spaces. (Peter Whyte Gallery, 1977)


bissett, bill. Sailor. (Talonbooks, 1978)

Broudy, Hart. Soundings. (Porcepic, 1978)

O’Huigin, Sean. The inks and the pencils and the looking back. (Coach House Press, 1978)

O’Huigin, Sean. Poe[tree]: A Simple Introduction to Experimental Poetry. (Black Moss Press, 1978)

Nichol, bp. Alphhabet/Ilphabet. (Seripress, 1978)

Nichol, bp. From My Window. (Seripress, 1978)

Nichol, bp and Steve McCaffery. Balloons and Abstract Runes. (Aya Press, 1978 [?])

Truhlar, Richard. Ten Portraits Of Mimaroglu. (Kontakte / Phenomenon Press, 1978)


Nichol, bp. Love Affair. (Seripress, 1979)

Nichol, bp. Movies. (Seripress, 1979)

bpNichol. DOORS: To Oz & Other Landscapes. (grOnk, 1979)

Nichol, bp. Translating Translating Apollinaire: A Preliminary Report. (Membrane, 1979)

Zeller, Ludwig. Alphacollage. (Porcupine’s Quill, 1979)


Basmajian, Shaunt. Boundaries, Limits & Space. (Underwhich, 1980)

bissett, bill. Selected poems: beyond even faithful legends. (Talonbooks, 1980)

bissett, bill. Sa n th monkey. (blewointment, 1980)

bissett, bill. Soul arrow. (blewointment, 1980)

Gorman, LeRoy. Whose Smile The Ripple Warps. (Underwhich, 1980)

Nichol, bp. As Elected: a selected. (Talonbooks, 1980)

Nichol, bp. Sharp Facts: Selections from TTA 26. (Membrane, 1980)

Riddell, John. Transitions. (Aya, 1980)


bissett, bill. Northern birds in color. (Talonbooks, 1981)

bissett, bill. Sa n his crystal ball. (blewointment, 1981)

Nichol, bp. Of Lines: Some Drawings. (Underwhich, 1981)

Nichol, bp. Extreme Positions. (Longspoon, 1981)


bissett, bill. parlant. (Trans. Bertrand Lachance) (Editions blewointment, 1982)

Zend, Robert. Arbormundi: 16 Selected Typescapes. (blewointment, 1982)


bissett, bill. Seagull on Yonge Street. (Talonbooks, 1983)

bissett, bill. Ready for framing. (blewointment, 1983)

bissett, bill. Write me an adventure. (grOnk, 1983)

Zend, Robert. Oab 1. (Exile, 1983)


bissett, bill. Fires in th tempul. (Vancouver Art Gallery, 1984)

Nichol, bp. First Screening: Computer Poems. (Red Deer, 1984)


bissett, bill. Canada gees mate for life. (Talonbooks, 1985)

curry, jw and Michael Dean, eds. HEADS & H&Z. (Underwhich, 1985)

Nichol, bp. Zygal. (Coach House Press, 1985)

Zend, Robert. Oab 2. (Exile, 1985)


Collette, Jean Yves. Carre de Contrainte. (la nouvelle barre du jour, 1986)


Basmajian, Shaunt. Biased Analogies. (Anthos, 1987)

bissett, bill. Animal uproar. (Talonbooks, 1987)

Henderson, Brian. Alphamiricon. (Underwhich, 1987)

Troendle, Yves. The Swallow’s Testicle. (Nietzsche’s Brolly, 1987)


bissett, bill. What we have. (Talonbooks, 1988)

Mc Murray, Line. Miss Morphose. (Éditions du Noroît, 1988)

Riddell, John. a/z does it. (Nightwood, 1988)

Zend, Robert. Versek, Képversek. (Magyar Muhely, 1988)


bissett, bill. Rezoning. (Vancouver Art Gallery, 1989)

curry, jw, Greg Evason, Daniel f. Bradley, Brian David J(o(h)nston, Shaunt Basmajian and bpNichol. bfp(h)aGe. (Sober Minute, 1989)

Riddell, John. E Clips E. (Underwhich Editions, 1989)


bissett, bill. hard 2 beleev. (Talonbooks, 1990)

Nichol, bp. Art Facts: a book of contexts. (Chax, 1990)

UU, David. High C. (Underwhich Editions, 1990)


curry, jw. Can’t afford no Kodak instamatik instamatik Vol. 2 . (Nietzsche’s Brolly, 1991)


bissett, bill. Inkorrekt thots. (Talonbooks, 1992)

Johnston, Brian David. Mute Syntax. (fingerprinting inkoperated, 1992)


bissett, bill. Th last photo uv th human soul. (Talonbooks, 1993)

Dutton, Paul. The Plastic Typewriter. (Underwhich Editions / Writers Forum, 1993)

Nichol, bp. Truth: a book of fictions (Mercury, 1993)


Dutton, Paul. Partial Additives. (Writers Forum, 1994)


bissett, bill. Th influenza uv logik. (Talonbooks, 1995)

Lefler, Peggy. Beyond the range of standard selected works. (Letters, 1995)


Riddell, John. How to Grow Your Own Lightbulbs. (Mercury, 1996)


bissett, bill. Loving without being vulnrabul. (Talonbooks, 1997)

Scobie, Stephen. Earthquakes and Explorations: Language and Painting from Cubism to Concrete Poetry. (University of Toronto Press, 1997)

Wershler-Henry, Darren. Nicholodeon: a book of lowerglyphs. (Coach House Books, 1997)


curry, jw. Objectionable Perspectives. (Outlands, 1998)

Smith, Steven Ross. Ballet of the Speech Organs: Bob Cobbing on Bob Cobbing. (Underwhich, 1998)


Beaulieu, Derek, ed. COURIER: An Anthology of Concrete and Visual Poetry. (housepress, 1999)

bissett, bill. Scars on the seehors. (Talonbooks, 1999)

bissett, bill. ekstaseez uv apricots. (Writers Forum, 1999)


bissett, bill. b leev abul char ak trs. (Talonbooks, 2000)

Cain, Stephen. Alph Bites. (Press at Pilot Bay, 2000)

lopes, damian. Sensory deprivation/dream poetics. (Coach House Books, 2000)

McCaffery, Steve. Seven Pages Missing Vol. 1. (Coach House Books, 2000)

McElroy, Gil. ST. ART: The Visual Poetry of bpNichol. (Confederation Centre Art Gallery, 2000)


bissett, bill. Lunaria (Granary, 2001)

Kubota, Nobuo. Phonic Slices. (Coach House Books, 2001)

Kubota, Nobuo. Deep Text. (Coach House Books, 2001)

Mark, Kelly. Important Instructions for Changing the World. (Winnipeg Art Gallery, 2001)


bissett, bill. Peter among th towring boxes / text bites. (Talonbooks, 2002)

McCaffery, Steve. Seven Pages Missing Vol. 2. (Coach House Books, 2002)


Beaulieu, Derek. with wax. (Coach House Books, 2003)

Morin, Gustave. A Penny Dreadful. (Insomniac, 2003)


bissett, bill. Narrative enigma / rumours uv hurricane. (Talonbooks, 2004)

Nichol, bp. Konfessions of an Elizabethan Fan Dancer. (Coach House Books, 2004)


bissett, bill. Northern wild roses / deth interrupts th dansing. (Talonbooks, 2005)

Mancini, Donato. Ligatures. (New Star, 2005)


Beaulieu, Derek. fractal economies. (Talonbooks, 2006)

Betts, Gregory. Haikube. (Bookthug, 2006)

Harris, Sharon. Avatar. (Mercury, 2006)

Morin, Gustave. The Etcetera Barbeque. (Bookthug, 2006)


Beaulieu, Derek. Flatland: a romance of many dimensions. (information as material, 2007)

bissett, bill. This is erth, thees ar peepul. (Talonbooks, 2007)

Mancini, Donato. Aethel. (New Star, 2007)


Banana, Anna. The True Confessions of A. Banana. (redfoxpress, 2008)

Beaulieu, Derek. Chains. (paper kite, 2008)

Beaulieu, Derek. Local Colour. (ntamo, 2008)

bissett, bill. sublingual. (Talonbooks, 2008)

Smith, Michael V. and David Ellingsen. Bodies of Text. (Bookthug, 2008)


Babineau, Kemeny. After the six O’Clock News. (Bookthug, 2009)

Hryciuk, Marshall. October is Dada month: the complete Nietzsche’s Brolly Broadsheets. (Nietzsche’s Brolly, 2009)


Beaulieu, Derek. Silence. (redfoxpress, 2010)

bissett, bill. Time. (Talonbooks, 2010)

Gysin, Brion. Alarme. (Galerie de France, 2010/1977).

Laliberte, Mark. Brickbrickbrick. (Bookthug, 2010)

mcpherson-eckhoff, kevin. Rhapsodomancy. (Coach House Books, 2010)


bissett, bill. Novel. (Talonbooks, 2011)

Ferguson, Jesse. Dirty Semiotics. (Broken Jaw, 2011)


bissett, bill. RUSH: What Fuckan Theory; a study uv language. (Bookthug, 2012)


Abel, Jordan. The Place Of Scraps. (Talonbooks, 2013)

Beaulieu, Derek. Kern. (Xexoxial, 2013)

Beaulieu, Derek. Please no more poetry: the poetry of derek beaulieu. (Wilfrid Laurier UP, 2013)

bissett, bill. Hungree Throat. (Talonbooks, 2013)

Riddell, John. Writing Surfaces. (Wilfrid Laurier UP, 2013)


Barwin, Gary. The wild and unfathomable always. (Xexoxial, 2014)

Beaulieu, Derek. kern. (les figues, 2014)

bissett, bill. Th Book. (Talonbooks, 2014)

Dedora, Brian. eye where. (Teksteditions, 2014)

Mavreas, Billy. Hooch Pop Typos. (Xexoxial, 2014)


Abel, Jordan. Un/inhabited. (Talonbooks, 2015)

Hilder, Jamie, et al. Letters: Michael Morris and Concrete Poetry. (Belkin, 2015)

McCaffery, Steve. Revanches. (Xexoxial, 2015)

Morin, Gustave. Clean Sails. (New Star, 2015)

Nichol, bp. bp: Beginnings. (Bookthug, 2015)

Turnbull, Chris. Continua. (Chaudiere, 2015)


Abel, Jordan. Injun. (Talonbooks, 2016)

Beaulieu, Derek. Ascender/descender. (redfoxpress, 2016)

Broudy, Hart. Embers of babel. (self-published, 2016)

Copithorne, Judith. See Lex Ions. (Xexoxial, 2016)

Hajnoczky, Helen. Magyarazni. (Coach House Books, 2016)

Hilder, Jamie. Designed Words for a Designed World. (McGill-Queens UP, 2016)


Beaulieu, Derek. A, a novel. (Jean Boîte Editions, 2017)

Earl, Amanda. Esther, The Vispo Bible. (Puddles of Sky Press, 2017)

Earl, Amanda. Leviticus XII. (Penteract Press, 2017)

rawlings, angela. si tu. (MaMa, 2017)


Beaulieu, Derek. Counter/weight. (redfoxpress, 2018)

Morin, Gustave. The Big Tomato. (Xexoxial, 2018)

Schmaltz, Eric. Surfaces. (Invisible, 2018)

Siklosi, Kate. coup. (The Blasted Tree, 2018)

Siklosi, Kate. po po poems. (above/ground press, 2018)

Siklosi, Kate. may day. (No Press, 2018)

Zboya, Eric. Un Coup de Des. (Apple Pie, 2018)


Beaulieu, Derek. Aperture. (Penteract, 2019)

bissett, bill. breth. (Talonbooks, 2019)

rawlings, angela. Sound of Mull. (Laboratory for Aesthetics and Ecology, 2019)

Siklosi, Kate. 6 feuilles. (nOIR:Z., 2019)

Siklosi, Kate and Helen Hajnoczky. coin, flower, mushroom, rupture. (?! Press, 2019.)


Abel, Jordan. Un/inhabited. (2nd expanded edition. Talonbooks, 2020)

Archer, Sacha. Mother’s Milk. (Timglaset, 2020)

Barwin, Gary. Ampers&thropocene. (Penteract, 2020)

Betts, Gregory. Sweet Forme. (Apothecary Archive, 2020)

Spinosa, Dani. OO: Typewriter poems. (Invisible, 2020)

Stebner, Kevin. Namesake. (No press, 2020)

Stebner, Kevin. abcxyx^3. (No press, 2020)


Abel, Jordan. Nishga. (Penguin Random House, 2021)

Archer, Sacha. Birthday Party. (Timglaset, 2021)

Archer, Sacha. Jung Origami. (Penteract, 2021)

Archer, Sacha. Rubik’s Cube. (Paper View, 2021)

Archer, Sacha. Shaking the Sieve. (Paper View, 2021)

Barwin, Gary. Everything Seems. (Paper View, 2021)

Barwin, Gary, Spitch. (nOIR:Z., 2021)

Barwin, Gary. Stamp Etudes. (Paper View, 2021)

Beaulieu, Derek. Another Piece of Reassuring Plastic. (No press, 2021)

Beaulieu, Derek. Brevflodslette. (non plus ultra, 2022)

Beaulieu, Derek and Rhys Farrell. Lens Flare. (Guillemot, 2021)

Betts, Gregory. Foundry. (redfoxpress, 2021)

Betts, Gregory. Hysterical Periods. (Paper View, 2021)

Bok, Christian. Odalisques. (Paper View, 2021)

Bok, Christian. The Kazimir Effect. (Penteract, 2021)

Earl, Amanda, ed. Judith: Women making visual poetry. (Timglaset, 2021)

Flemmer, Kyle. Barcode Poems. (Knife Fork Book / The Blasted Tree, 2021)

Flemmer, Kyle. Barcode Poems. (psw / Timglaset, 2021)

Kerr, Laura. Mono-Space Poems. (No press, 2021)

Kerr, Laura. Flower Keepers. (Paper View, 2021)

Mavreas, Billy. Yes Frills. (Paper View, 2021)

Schmaltz, Eric. Language in Hues. (Timglaset, 2021)

Schmaltz, Eric. Psychic Beach. (Paper View, 2021)

Siklosi, Kate. Leavings (Timglaset, 2021)

Siklosi, Kate. Conjure. (Paper View, 2021)

Siklosi, Kate and petra schulze-wollgast. Reply. (psw / Timglaset, 2021)

Spinosa, Dani. Visual Poetry for Women. (Anthruster, 2021)

Stebner, Kevin. The Enfolding. (Blasted Tree, 2021)

Stebner, Kevin. Perspect. (Timglaset, 2021)

Stebner, Kevin. Rostellum. (non plus ultra, 2021)

Stebner, Kevin. Dioram. (psw / Timglaset, 2021)

Stebner, Kevin. Negative Zone. (No Press, 2021)


Archer, Sacha. Empty Buildings. (Penteract, 2022)

beaulieu, derek. Catalogue Saisonee. (Paper View, 2022)

beaulieu, derek. Surface Tension. (Coach House Books, 2022)

beaulieu, derek. Thunderwords. (Paper View, 2022)

bissett, bill. its th sailors life / still in treetment. (Talonbooks, 2022)

Earl, Amanda. Genesis. Malmo: Timglaset, 2022.

Flemmer, Kyle. The Heavy Crown. (Noir:Z, 2022)

Mavreas, Billy. Next Time Around. (Conundrum, 2022)

Stebner, Kevin. Lay-Out No.5 (Seen Studio, 2022)

Weigel, Matthew James. Whitemud Walking. (Coach House Books, 2022)