As a tool here is a series of links to MA theses and PhD dissertations on bpNichol which are publicly available online. This is by no means exhaustive and will be updated as more information comes available. Suggestions of additional links are more than welcome.

1982. Knight, Alan. Word Order / World Order: A Study of the Poetry of bpNichol (MA Thesis, Concordia)

1982. Niechoda, Irene. A Sourcery for Books 1 and 2 of bpNichol’s The Martyrology. (MA Thesis, UBC)

1992. Lacusta, Arlene. BOOK 6 BOOKS: ON BECOMING IN AN INCHOATE WOR(L)D. (MA Thesis, Simon Fraser University)

2007. Walschots, Natalie. Tonsil Hockey: After, around, and through bpNichol’s Poetry. (MA Thesis, University of Calgary)

2009. Borkent, Michael. Cognition and the concrete poetry of bpNichol : towards a cohesive methodology. (MA Thesis, UBC)

2012. Androsova, Natalya. The Feminine, The Poetic, And The Sacred In BPNichol’s The Martyrology And Journal. (MA Thesis, Ryerson)

2013. Wooler, Katherine. Communication Codes and Critical Editing: Recognizing Materiality in the Work of bpNichol. (MA Thesis, Dalhousie University)

2014. McEwan. Andrew. Poetic Play Communities: bpNichol’s Fraggle Rock Screenplays. (MA Thesis, UBC)

2016. Desjarlais, Jeremy Michael. “all alongingly the way”: Ontology and Longing in bpNichol’s The Martyrology (MA Thesis, University of Regina)

2017. Whittaker, Sam. Language, Thought, and bpNichol’s The Martyrology: Whorfian, Feminist, and Marxist Readings (MA Thesis, University of Windsor)

2018. Schmaltz, Eric. THE LANGUAGE REVOLUTION:BORDERBLUR POETICS IN CANADA, 1963-1988 (PhD Dissertation, York University)