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I was approached a few months back to create a poem in response to The Vimy Foundation‘s replanting of oak trees at Vimy Ridge for the 100th anniversary of that First World War battle: “Quercus (for Guillaume Apollinaire)” is the result.

I arranged the names of every type of oak tree that grows in Canada and France in a column designed to evoke classical memorials and the trunks of grand oaks. Embedded within the column, quietly asserting a poetry within the trunks and branches, is a single quotation from Apollinaire’s famous 1st World War poem “Le Petit Auto” [“The Little Car”, 1914]. Apolllinaire’s calligrams were the precursor for the contemporary concrete poem and his work stands testament to the affect of the French avant-garde on contemporary poetics. and “Quercus” evokes his subtle arrangement of letters in tear drops and machinery. “Quercus” embeds Apollinaire’s “Nations hurled together so they / might learn to know one another” setting the line within the very trees and columns which stand testament to the lives lost. Apollinaire himself survived a head wound at the front in 1916, but died from the Spanish Flu two days before the armistice, Nov 9, 1918.Nations hurled together so they might learn to know one another


Head over to ERASINGWARHOL on twitter to follow my progress on a book-length erasure of Andy Warhol’s a a novelArtistnovel_001

photoNo Press is proud to announce the publication of

Daisy Knell by Ken Hunt

Published in a limited edition of 40 copies (only 20 of which are for sale), Daisy Knell is available for $2.00 including domestic postage (+ $1 non-Canadian postage). To order please email derek beaulieu.

This poem isolates letters from page 98 of NASA’s voice transcription of the Apollo 11 moon mission, uncovering (in sequential order) the musical notes of two chorus lines from Harry Dacre’s “Daisy Bell” (“A Bicycle Built for Two”). These chorus lines famously appear as the death knell of the computer HAL in Arthur C. Clarke and Stanley Kubrick’s 2001: A Space Odyssey.

Ken Hunt is the author of Space Administration (89+/LUMA Foundation, 2014). For three years, Ken served as editor of NōD Magazine, the University of Calgary English department’s publication of undergraduate prose, poetry, and visual art. In 2010, Ken co-founded The Scribe and Muse, a University of Calgary club that promotes writing and literacy, offering a free peer-editing service to students across all faculties. Ken lives in Calgary.