Chris Turnbull, the editor of Rout/e magazine has just included a visual poem of mine as part of a poetic route. Turnbull wrote that my poem was planted “along the Dwyer Hill entrance point to Marlborough Forest.”

My poem “edges the first water section of the trail. It is often near flooded, the left and right sides of the swamp (track bisecting) quite dramatically different. It’s one of the first places the geese return to, and [Turnbull has] sighted blandings turtles (endangered), water snakes, marsh wrens, and muskrat in abundance. And, of course, frogs among other things.”

Better co-ordinates soon, but “if you go to Google Earth, to Dwyer Hill, locate roughly half way between Flood Road and Heaphy Road and head for the chunk of obvious water. The trail is unobservable…”