No PRESS is proud to announce the publication of

False Friends

by Helen Hajnoczky

A poetic engagement with Hungarian folk art, vocabulary and translation, False Friends is a delicate combination of full-colour visual poems and lyrical explorations of the false freinds of translation. Produced in a strictly limited edition of 50 handbound copies (only 23 of which are for sale) at $4 each – to order, email

from False Friends:


it may seem adequate,

like a sword piercing a shield

in some chivalric tale,

but dust off any old book

and when you look inside

all you’ll find is questions.

is it a treasure map?

did it ride in from france?

is it a spear that slipped

through the ribs of your language,

thousands of years ago,

or is it a thorn in your heel

that you only just noticed?

trade your old tomes

for other volumes

and hunch over the pages

like a medieval monk,

search for its provenance

like a modern scholar.

or trade your leather bound books

for paperbacks

and stop asking questions.