new from NO PRESS:

“A Marriage Tract by Marie Stopes” by Sheila Heti.

Published in an edition of 80 handbound numbered copies, only $4ea.

from the author’s afterword:

“At one point in my novel, Ticknor, the character of George Ticknor reads a “marriage pamphlet” which is handed to him by a woman in the street. I wrote up the marriage pamphlet but I never put it in the book. One Christmas, I turned it into a little hand-sewn pamphlet and sent it to dozens of friends. This is the pamphlet’s second iteration. The text was borrowed and adapted from the writings of Marie Stopes (1880—1958), a controversial birth control reformer and sex education advocate. […] This pamphlet is dedicated to the young men and women who once gathered at 1223 Bathurst Street in Toronto, where we were joyously developing a “morality… in a time of innocence … insufficient to bring [us] happiness through the course of [our] life.” —Sheila Heti

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