No Press is proud to announce the publication of

By Craig Dworkin

‘My idea for these poems is that they be like cigarettes. On the one hand, briefly intense and repaying as much focused contemplation as you want to give them — each is in fact composed according to a rigorous and elided formal logic — but then also, at the very same time, merely discardable amusements: quickly read and easily forgotten, thrown away without a second thought as soon as they are finished.’ — Craig Dworkin

Originally published in the UK by Matchbox in May 2007, No press is proud to return this rarely-seen edition to print.

Published in a limited edition of 50 copies (25 of which are for sale) each copy consists of 34 loose cards in a hand-typed envelope.

Copies are available for $8.00 each (including postage).

To order, please contact derek beaulieu