At each of my scheduled speaking engagements this spring (St.Catharines March 10/11, New York City March 29, Philadelphia March 31, Lethbridge April 8, Manchester April 30 and more to come) I will be handing out a series of poetic leaflets. The series is still expanding, but so far includes:

“I Want to Have a Chuck and Di Party Like My Parents Did in the 80s” – Elizabeth Bachinsky

“Special Containment Procedure 001” – Jonathan Ball

“Kern 12” – derek beaulieu

“Measurement” – Jason Christie

from How to be Everywhere” – Warren Craghead III

“Proud Fiends / I Lace Words” – Jon Paul Fiorentino

“Viau’s Corsets” – Helen Hajnoczky

“Errors to Correct before Reading” – Bronwyn Haslam & Samuel Garrigó Meza

“The National Research Council Official Time Signal” – Emma Healey

“On Sadness” – Jake Kennedy

“finally” – Billy Mavreas

“Pain Extracts” – kevin mcpherson eckhoff

“Home” – a.rawlings

“Business Casual” – Kyle Schlesinger

“Alphabetica 11” – Eric Zboya

“from The Tolerance Project” – Rachel Zolf & co.

each leaflet is produced in edition of 50 copies (25 of which will be available for distribution) — keep an eye out!