No press is proud to announce the publication of BLASTogenesis by Gregory Betts.

Blastogenesis is one form of viral reproduction wherein growth of select parts accelerate until they break away and become themselves new, independent organisms with identical or more significantly different characteristics from the original. Sometimes an out-growth becomes
antagonistic to its source. The Three Words per Poem project tracks the mutation from harvesting personal data for profit unconsciously to inviting personal participation for poetry consciously. The short story was written in response to the media coverage of events in Toronto leading up to the G8 and G20 summits in July 2010. Parts of the story were printed out and posted to various parts of Toronto during the G20 protests by people associated with the Poetic Interventions Project.

Published in an edition of 50 handbound copies (20 of which are for sale), BLASTogenesis is available for $4 (shipping included). To order, please contact derek beaulieu.