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Help Celebrate the launch of 2 new books (and 1 slightly older book) from SNARE!

December 9th, 2011 7:30pm
Pages Books on Kensington
1135 Kensington Rd, NW

derek beaulieu, kevin mcpherson eckhoff and Jake Kennedy will be reading from their new Snare books at what promises to be a fun event hosted by the awesome Sandy Pool.

Come! Chat! Listen! Buy Books!

about the books:

In a series of statements, essays, missives and informal discussions, seen of the crime surveys the radical edges of Canadian and international poetry; the conceptual and the concrete, the political and the playful. With seen of the crime, derek beaulieu explores the flourishing and frustrating alternatives: the poetry without subjectivity, without narrative, without words, and even without letters.

Easy Peasy assumes nothing, but ass you me severything! Part instruction manual for the comfortably literate, part picture book for the uncommitted spectator, these poems insist upon the simple beautiful error of words and the imaginative potential of miscommunion! If you enjoy spending time outdoors, eating chocolate bars, watching movies, drinking tea with friends, avoiding death, taking baths and understanding the world, then this book most definitely is not for your!

Winner of the 2010 Robert Kroetsch Award for Innovative Poetry! The Lateral is a highly original and experimental book from a nimble poetic mind. It includes an elegiac found-long-poem that gathers all the “Acker” keyword tags from the Flickr database and reapplies them as words-of-lament for the revolutionary artist-writer Kathy Acker (1947-97), a series of prose-poem-ruminations that contemplate the optimal conditions for the poetry, and a section of poems that can only be described as the vulgar, unkempt cousin of Hugh Prather’s Notes to Myself.

Boog City and d.a. levy lives: celebrating the renegade press

presents an evening with No Press

Tues., March 29, 6:00 p.m. sharp, free

ACA Galleries
529 W. 20th St., 5th Flr.

Featuring readings from

Kevin McPherson Eckhoff
Rob Fitterman
Charles Gute
Jake Kennedy
Rachel Zolf

and music from Rorie Kelly

There will be wine, cheese, and crackers, too.

C/E to 23rd St., 1/9 to 18th St.
Venue is bet. 10th and 11th avenues