No press is proud to announce the publication of 5 new chapbooks!

“MS Word Variations 1-11” by ajCarruthers

  • fragile digitally-constructed visual poems, each arranged letter by letter in MS Word into delicate chandeliers of letterforms.

“Little Songs” by Kyle Flemmer

  • minimalist diagrams exploring the metrics, stresses and rhyme schemes of a variety of sonnet forms. Sonnets leveled to austere minimalism.

“Brief Lives” by Nick Montfort

  • a short found novel constructed from the forms and schematics which bring bring our life meaning.

“The Spectre of Mallarme” by Remi Forte

  • beautiful, spectre-clouds based on the layout and design of Mallarme’s “Un Coup de Des”; each a fog of suggestion, a mist of potential.

“STELLA” by Danni Storm

  • digitally-manipulated fields of typed letters form and overlap into captivating patterned stars.

Each book is published in a strictly limited edition of 50 handbound copies.

Order any individual book for $6 (+ $1 postage), or all 5 for $30 (including postage) by emailing derek@derekbeaulieu

Copies will go fast, order today!