A large number of authors, poets, publishers and institutions offer online depositories of free downloadable PDFs and documents. By envisioning free circulation of contemporary and historical documents, they allow writing to move without financial constraint across geographic borders — enabling writing to remain actively engaged with. I post PDFs of all of my own work online and I’ve regularly posted this image entreating authors to imagine a new form of circulation and community development outside of copyright. These resources do precisely that:

  1. Penn Sound
  2. electronic poetry center
  3. Fred Wah’s Digital Archive
  4. bpNichol.ca Digital Archive
  5. Ubuweb
  6. eclipse archive
  7. Jacket2’s inventory of digitized magazines
  8. Malmo, Sweden’s Timglaset’s PDF archive of out-of-print editions
  9. Gothenburg, Sweden’s Viktlosheten Press’s PDF archive of out-of-print editions
  10. Copenhagen, Denmark’s nonplusultra Press’ PDF archive of all of their editions 2019-2022
  11. London, Canada’s Spacecraft Press’ PDF archive of out-of-print editions
  12. Anthony Etherin
  13. Christian Bok
  14. Aleator Press
  15. Monoskop
  16. The Black Panther Newspaper
  17. The Digital Comics Museum
  18. The Capilano Review‘s 50 years of back issues
  19. Belladonna* offers all of their out-of-print chaplets as free PDFs