In recognition of 20 years of housepress and no press, Simon Fraser University’s WAC Bennett Special Collections Library has staged an exhibition of 20 volumes from the presses’ history, one per year. Through those two imprints I have published 636 different editions since 1997, so clearly the exhibition was highly selective, but it presents a single edition from each year . . .

The books included were:

1997 — beaulieu, derek and Neil Hennessy. William S. Burroughs: Ghost of Steel. Calgary/ Brampton: housepress / poetic immolation press, November 1997. 26 copies.

1998 — snow, tj, Shereen Tuomi, cjfyffe, Ian Samuels, Courtney Thompson and Jonathon Wilcke. I do not know this story / boneyard: a suite. Calgary: housepress, February 1998. 50 copies.

1999 — beaulieu, derek, ed. Courier: an anthology of concrete and visual poetry. Calgary: housepress, November 1999. 115 copies. Includes poetry from Fernando Aguiar, Jill Armstrong, avelino de araujo, Carlyle Baker, Jars Balan, Nelson Ball, Gary Barwin, Michael Basinski, Guy Beining, John M. Bennett, Carla Bertola, bill bissett, Jennifer Books, Daniel F. Bradley, Jonathan Brannen, Dmitry Bulatov, Stephen Cain, Barbara Caruso, Bob Cobbing, jwcurry, Johanna Drucker, Paul Dutton, Ran Elfassy, cjfyffe, Leroy Gorman, Bob Grumman, David UU, Neil Hennessy, Crag Hill, Peter Jaeger, Brian David Jo(h(n(s)t)on, Jim Kacian, Nancy Kang, Karl Kempton, Peggy Lefler, d.a.levy, damian lopes, Steve McCaffery, Gustave Morin, Colin Morton, lucas mulder, bpNichol, Brian Panhuyzen, Clemente Padin, Carl Peters, Poem by Nari, Stephen Scobie, Blair Seagram, Spencer Selby, tjsnow, Pete Spence, W.Mark Sutherland, George Swede, the Trans-Canada Research Team, Lawrence Upton,  Alberto Vitacchio, Darren Wershler-Henry and the editor.

2000 — Miki, Roy. Kiyooka. Calgary: housepress, August 31, 2000. 60 copies.

2001 — Betts, Gregory. All you need to know. Calgary: housepress, June 18, 2001. 40 copies.

2002 — M., Emma. (Chatte enr.), traduits par E. Mouré . á adan. Calgary: housepress, 2002. 40 copies.

2003 — Wershler-Henry, Darren. Ten Out Of Ten, or, Why Poetry Criticism Sucks in 2003. Calgary: housepress, Autumn, 2003. 50 copies.

2004 — Schlesinger, Kyle. Squarely. Calgary: housepress, 2004. 75 copies.

2005 — Stephens, Nathalie. The Small Body With It Rises From Under. Calgary: No press, May 2005. 26 lettered copies.

2006 — Bowering, George. A Knot of Light. Calgary: No press, September 2006. 52 copies.

2007 — Haslam, Bronwyn. Or carbon slides: Anagrammatic translations of work by Nicole Brossard. Calgary: No press, November 2007. 40 copies.

2008 — Fitterman, Robert. The Sun Also Also Rises. Calgary: No press, March 2008. 60 copies. / Fitterman, Robert. My Sun Also Rises. Calgary: No press, March 2008. 60 copies. / Blake, Nayland. Also Also Also Rises The Sun. Calgary: No press, March 2008. 60 copies.

2009 Speechless #1. 50 copies. Includes poetry by Eva Gonzalez, Rachelle Pinnow, Helen Hajnoczky, Mary Ellen Solt; criticism by Hajnoczky.

2010 — Simpson, Natalie. Smash Swizzle Fizz. Calgary: No press, August 2010. 60 copies.

2011 — Gauvreau, Claude. The Lucid Clusters: Poetics of Claude Gauvreau. Translated, and with an introduction by Ray Ellenwood. Calgary: No press, August 2011. 100 copies.

2012 — King, Emma. Helvetica Neue. Calgary: No press, July 2012. 60 copies.

2013 — Mueller, Kristen. Partially Removing the Remove of Literature. Calgary: No press, December 2013. 50 copies.

2014 — beaulieu, derek and Gregory Betts, eds. Avant Canada: more useful knowledge. Calgary: No press, November 2014. 98 copies. A boxed edition with individual leaflets and chapbooks by Jordan Abel, Lillian Allen, Gary Barwin, Christian Bok, Jaap Blonk, Louis Cabri, Stephen Cain, Natalee Caple, Margaret Christakos, Carmen Derkson, Skawannati, Neil Hennessy, Karl Jirgens, Derek Knight, Jason Edward Lewis, Tanis MacDoanld, Shannon Maguire, Lee Maracle, Nicole Markotic, Steve McCaffery, Andrew McEwan, kevin mcpherson eckhoff, Michal Nardone, Julia Polyck-O’Niell, Katie Price, a.rawlings, Shane Rhodes, Lisa Robertson, Eric Schmaltz, Stephen Scobie, Ron Silliman, Natalie Simpson, Chet Singh, Christine Stewart, Fenn Stewart, Natalie Zina Walschotts, d’bi.young anitafrika and the editors.

2015 — Le Tellier, Hervé. A Few Musketeers. Trans. Daniel Levin Becker. Calgary: No press, April 2015. 50 copies.

2016 — Bernstein, Charles. 95 Theses. Calgary: No press, October 2016. 60 copies.

2017 — Noury, Aurélie. How I Didn’t Write Any of my Books. Calgary: No press, August 2017. 40 copies.