The story of Leon the Frog written on the stairs of the Social Sciences building at the University of Calgary
Photos: by Riley Brandt
Copyright: University of Calgary 2013

In The Calgary Herald:

Since the 1970s, students, faculty and visitors climbing the stairs of the University of Calgary’s Social Sciences tower were able to gaze into the life of Leon the Frog through a gripping poem depicted on 13 flights of stairs, with each step containing its own line. But on Friday, Leon’s story vanished. After nearly 50 years, the beloved poem was mistakenly painted over as part of a movement to remove graffiti around the University of Calgary campus. It didn’t take long for Ian Kinney, University of Calgary alumnus, to step forward and decide Leon the Frog needed to be brought back home. “This poem is part of what it means to go up the stairs here,” said Kinney. “It was part of the history of the Social Sciences building.”

I will be celebrating Leon, and Ian Kinney’s restoration of the poem, with the creation of a mural with Avril Lopez (MFA candidate, University of Calgary Fine Arts) on the first floor of the Social Sciences stairwell.

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