I’ve added 13 new PDFs to my page dedicated to making my work available in downloadable editions. Thanks to Gregory Betts for making these small press items available. Help yourself …

A/ ‘AH’. Ocean Grove, Australia: Mighty Thin Books, 1998. [chapbook]

[the orange manifesto]. Calgary: ModL, 2005. [leaflet]

call & response. Calgary: Martian press, 2005 [chapbook] (with Jonathan Ball)

Spire Poetry Poster. Vol. 3 No. 8 (June 2006) [issue of poetry leaflet dedicated to beaulieu’s poetry]

Flatland No.1-10. Calgary: No Press, 2006. [chapbook]

flatland #21. Ottawa: Griddle Grin, 2006. [leaflet]

Bothboth. (May 2006) [issue of poetry magazine, dedicated to beaulieu’s and Justin Katko’s poetry]

Colours. Calgary: No press, 2010. [chapbook]

Quartet for 6 Voices. Mayne Island: perro verlag, 2010. [chapbook]

Fierce Indulgence. Torino, Italy: Offerta Speciale, 2010. [chapbook]

db. Schenectady: dbpq: 2011. [broadsheet]

Kern 12. Calgary: No Press, 2011. [leaflet]

please, no more poetry. Italy: diyfferx, 2014 [leaflet]


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