Links to downloadable PDFs of some of my publications, help yourself:

IV. 08/13/97 (“her fear of the silence after she spoke”). Ottawa: above/ground, 1998. [broadside]

portrait 4. Ottawa: above/ground Press, 1999. [broadside]

[     ]. Toronto: bookthug, 2002. [chapbook]

velvet touch lettering. Calgary: yardpress, 2002. [chapbook]

“State of the (E)Art: or, what’s wrong with internet poetry?” Object 10, 2002. [article, co-written with Russ Rickey] (courtesy UBUWeb)

with wax. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2003. [9 page excerpt only, courtesy Coach House Books]

split 7″: two poems. Calgary: housepress / yardpress, 2003. [with Jason Christie] [leaflet]

Stanzas #38 “Calcite Gours 1-19.” Ottawa: above/ground, 2004.

TISH Magazine 1961-1969: another “sense of things.” [MA thesis, University of Calgary, 2004]

“an afterwords after words: notes towards a concrete poetic.” 2004. [article] (courtesy UBUWeb)

frogments from the frag pool: haiku after basho. Toronto: The Mercury Press, 2005. Co-written with Gary Barwin.

“Fidgeting with the Scene of the Crime.” Open Letter, 12:7 (2005). [article] (courtesy UBUWeb)

chains. Calgary: No Press, 2005. [chapbook]

fractals. Calgary: No Press, 2005. [chapbook]

8 prints. Calgary: No Press, 2006. [chapbook, inserted in the special edition of angela rawlings’ wide slumber for lepidopterists]

Flatland: a romance of many dimensions. York, UK: information as material, 2007. (courtesy UBUWeb)

Local Colour. Helsinki, Finland: ntamo, 2008. (courtesy Eclipse)

How to Write / How to Edit. UBUWeb: Publishing the Unpublishable, 2008 (courtesy UBUWeb)

chains. Kingston, PA: Paper Kite Press, 2008.

Hell Passport Volume 9. Vancouver: Perro Verlag Books by Artists, 2008 [chapbook]

Local Colour. Calgary: No Press, 2008.

“Linguistic Fragmentation as Political Intervention in Calgarian poetry.” Revista Canaria de Estudios Ingleses, 56; April 2008. [article]

26 Alphabets (for Sol LeWitt). Ed. Derek Beaulieu. Calgary: No Press, 2009.

. Cork, Ireland: default Press / dusie chaps, 2009. [chapbook]

wild rose country. Ottawa: above/ground Press, 2009. [broadside]

This is Visual Poetry. Kingston, PA: Paper Kite Press, 2010. [chapbook]

Silence. Ireland: redfoxpress, 2010.

Seen of the Crime: essays on Conceptual writing. Montréal: Snare, 2011. (courtesy UBUWeb)

Untitled (for Billy Mavreas). Toronto: puddles of sky press, 2012. [chapbook]

All work and No Play Makes Jack a Dull Boy. Los Angeles: Insert Blanc Press, 2012. [chapbook]

RUSH: what fuckan theory; a study uv language. bill bissett. Toronto: Bookthug, 2012. (Co-edited with Gregory Betts.) [8 page excerpt only, courtesy Bookthug]

Kern. West Lima, WI: Xexoxial Editions, 2013. [chapbook]

The Design of Purposes. Calgary: No Press, 2013. [chapbook]

Please, No More Poetry: The Poetry of derek beaulieu. Ed. Kit Dobson. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2013.

Writing Surfaces: Selected Fiction of John Riddell. John Riddell. Waterloo: Wilfrid Laurier University Press, 2013. (Co-edited with Lori Emerson.)

Please, No More Poetry. Edmonton: Red Nettle Press, April 2014. [letterpress broadside series]

Kern. Los Angeles: Les Figues Press, 2014.

a small stack. Digital chapbook, 2014. Co-written with Brian Larossa. [chapbook]

six ways to ruin your day. Portland: press-press-pull, 2014. [chapbook]

Text Without Text: Concrete Poetry and Conceptual Writing. [PhD Dissertation, Roehampton University, 2014] (courtesy Roehampton University)

The Unbearable Contact with Poets. Manchester, UK: If P then Q, 2015. (courtesy If P then Q)

Game of Life: a user’s manual. Calgary: Space Craft Press, 2015. [chapbook]

SLOT no. 11. Stockholm, Sweden, November 2015. [chapbook]

I Dream of Bookstores. Calgary: Pages Press, 2015. [broadside]

Give ‘er. Ottawa: above/ground Press, 2015. [broadside]

Calgary Reads Little Free Library Passport. Calgary: Calgary Reads, 2015. [chapbook]

flatland. New Orleans: Language Foundry, 2015. [chapbook]

a light shed. Melbourne, Australia: Sippy Cup, 2015. [digital chapbook, scribd]

Since 2005 I have edited and published no press, a small press dedicated to publishing whatever the hell i feel like. Toulouse, France: ASMR Editions, 2015. [chapbook]

B&W 6&7. Barrie: afterwords, 2016. [chapbook]

En Vision av Linjeland. Stockholm: Chateaux, 2016. (translated by Peter Thörneby) [chapbook]

Erasing Warhol. Calgary: Spacecraft Press, 2016. [chapbook]

a a novel. Calgary: No Press, 2016. [chapbook]

The Duchamp Opening. Calgary: No Press, 2016. [broadside]

La Disparition. Calgary: No Press, 2016. [broadside]

ascender / descender. Ireland: redfoxpress, 2016.

Vexations Book 1: Lexmark XM9155. Calgary: No Press, 2016.

Vexations Book 2: Xerox Workcentre 5755. Calgary: No Press, 2016.

Vexations Book 2: Xerox Workcentre 5755. Kingston: Puddles of Sky Press, 2016. [chapbook]

GB3. Toronto: Flat Singles Press, 2016. [broadside]

inside drawer / outside wrap. Calgary: No Press, 2016. [leaflet]

Murchison and Lonewolf. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2016. [postcard, inserted in the special edition of Christian Bok’s The Xenotext Book 1]

We Were Never Intended to be Tied to Whatever Made Us. Toronto: Coach House Books, 2016. [postcard, inserted in the special edition of Christian Bok’s The Xenotext Book 1]

Quercus: “Nations hurled together so they might learn to know one another.” Ottawa: above/ground Press, 2016. [broadside]

Five Poems (for Leonard Dawe). Shropshire, UK: Pentaract, 2016. [leaflet]