Aug. 9, 2016 — The nostalgic tippity tap of typewriters could be heard downtown on Tuesday as some of the city’s leading wordsmiths came together for an afternoon of on-the-spot poetry.

Described as “Pop-Up Poetry,” the event featured Micheline Maylor, Richard Harrison, Cassy Welburn and I — producing custom poems at a breakneck pace, using vintage typewriters.

The on-site experiment was inspired by a group of typewriter poets from Texas. It was intended to create awareness around the Poet Laureate, the city’s rich literary scene and the people behind the words. Mount Royal presented the event, with support from Downtown Calgary and Calgary Arts Development.

Emiko Muraki, Director of Community Investment and Impact for Calgary Arts Development, highlighted the Poet Laureate’s role in spreading the word — both literally and figuratively. “The Calgary Poet Laureate is an artistic ambassador for Calgary, presenting at civic events and producing literary works that reflect our city and its citizens,” Muraki said. “Over a two-year term, the Calgary Poet Laureate makes over 100 public appearances in Calgary and beyond, at readings, literary or civic events, workshops and conferences, interacting with colleagues, aspiring writers, media and audiences.”

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