FullSizeRenderNew from NO PRESS:
“Dishwashing Event PART ONE: TIANJIN, CHINA”

by Sacha Archer

Produced in alimited edition of 40 copies, 20 of which are available for sale for $4.50 each

(please email derek@housepress.ca to order)

From the author’s note:

The poems in Dishwashing Event were written by my washing of dishes (by hand). Or, a speech recognition program has written the poems by translating/ transforming the noise of my washing of dishes into words recorded in to a document in Microsoft Word. Each poem records one day’s bout of washing. Post-event, I returned to the texts and cut them into a verse form to add room for breathing and greater coherence in the reading, but otherwise they are exactly how they were first produced by the speech recognition program. At the time, I was living in Tianjin, China, and there was no dishwasher (but the hands of my wife and I) in our apartment. The following poems are experiments of extraction and/or transformation. I set up the procedure. The dishes were cleaned. Poetry in the kitchen (not cooked up, but sparkling).

Sacha Archer was born in Hamilton, Ontario in 1984. He earned his B.A. in English Literature in 2008 from Trent University. In his last year at Trent he won the 2008 P.K. Page Irwin Prize for his poetry. In 2010 he was chosen to participate in the Elise Partridge Mentor Program. His work has appeared in ditch poetry, Eunoia Review, 491 Magazine, filling Station and ACTA Victoriana.

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