I’m pleased as punch to share the news of a beautiful edition of an excerpt from FLATLAND as published by JS Makkos: a hand-crafted edition of #1-20 of Derek Beaulieu’s visual translation of Edwin Abbott Abbott’s Flatland. For all you paper fetishists out there, this is how the colophon reads: “the covers were hand printed on a 19th century 9”x13” Kelsey Excelsior letterpress on vintage Strathmore laid paper, while the front and end sheets are salvaged ecru felt-finish stock, and the interior pages were pigment printed on 50% cotton Stenocraft English Bond and hand-stitched in a limited edition of ~40.” Due credit goes to Jessica Smith for brokering the project, Gideon Finck for aiding with the design, and Rachel Howard for assisting with production.”11027450_1015587408465154_2920604290306164790_n 11695728_1015587541798474_3403228082866413555_n 11013367_1015587571798471_7629452290755031101_n 11695971_1015587551798473_7792088429721055568_n 11705181_1015589025131659_5900559346225846292_n 11705201_1015587428465152_6959070539971440741_n 11709575_1015587395131822_6689781527903824352_n 11732001_1015587538465141_7681002545985866015_o 11743000_1015587568465138_7836268777080980972_n