IMG_0744IMG_0758IMG_0772 IMG_0745IMG_0760     IMG_0751   IMG_0761 IMG_0755 IMG_0757  IMG_0759IMG_0767IMG_0779IMG_0781IMG_0773IMG_0752IMG_0747   IMG_0762IMG_0754 IMG_0763 IMG_0766  Photographs from “CORPUS 38”, the final exhibition of ENGL310: Visual Narrative at ACAD, Winter 2014 — artwork and performances by students featuring their creative interaction with visual narrative. Over the last few months we have studied avant-garde graphic novels, indecipherable encyclopedias, radical film, imaginary, unfolding narratives and more. A privilege to work with these creative and challenging gang!      IMG_0777 IMG_0778   IMG_0782IMG_0776