9251749On SUNDAY MARCH 9 from 1:00-3:00pm, join LOFT 112 for an afternoon of typing and exploration!

As part of derek beaulieu’s ENGL214 class at ACAD, he has gathered antique typewriters from all over the city. Students have been exploring the poetic possibilities of outdated technology in poetry and prose, text art and assignments.

On MARCH 9th, a number of those strange old devices will be available for you to use!

By using dead technology we are in fact learning how we interface with the tools we have now. Step back from your dependance on technology and revel int he tactile experience of typing. The sounds, the smells and the poetic possibilities of recharging your writing by returning to the fun of ink on paper.

6-8 typewriters (manual and electric) in working order will be set up at LOFT 112 for writers to use from 1-3pm.

Click here for more information on derek beaulieu’s ENGL214 class and how he is using typewriters in the classroom.

LOFT 112 is located at #112, 535 8 Ave SE Calgary, Alberta… see you there!