logoIn support of WORDSWORTH 2014 SUMMER LITERARY CAMP I am taking part in their SCRAWL-A-THON fundraiser.

Wordsworth is a writing residency for youth between the ages of 12-19. It’s a residency sleepover for a week and a place for them to come and get a writing experience they can’t get anywhere else. It’s a place to come and explore the written word through the arts. We do everything from spoken word, visual poetry, photography, comics, nonfiction, journalism [to] fiction. Every year it changes, and the students come and study it. They eat it, they live it, and they breathe it for a week. We try to bring in instructors that can bring in something unique and different that children wouldn’t get in classrooms or community course.

I have taught for WORDSWORTH in 2011 and 2012 (and plan to return this year) and my daughter is also eager to enroll as a camper this year.

On Saturday March 15 from 4pm-10pm I will endeavour, for 6 hours straight, to create a large-scale visual poem directly on the windows of LOFT112, a new literary space here in Calgary (www.loft122.org). Alongside me will be up to 20 authors, each writing for 6 hours straight, and each trying to raise pledges in support of Wordsworth.

This writing marathon is designed to raise funds and raise awareness for WORDSWORTH — all funds raised will go directly to helping the camp run again this year

I write to ask you for DONATIONS / PLEDGES in support of my 6 hour marathon (and in support of WORDSWORTH) – all donations over $10 will receive a tax receipt through the Writers Guild of Alberta (WGA).

If you are interested in donating – and thus helping an amazing summer camp dedicated to Alberta Youth who are interested in writing — please email me with a brief note, and you can donate online (via credit card) here.