On display from 9 March – 4 June 2011

Niagara Artists Centre
354 St.Paul Street,
St. Catharines, ON, Canada

The Bird is the Word
derek beaulieu • bill bissett • Judith Copithorne • kevin mcpherson eckhoff • Marinko Jareb • Travis Kirton • Kelly Mark • Steve McCaffery • a.rawlings • Laurel Woodcock • Hallie Siegel & Matthew Donovan & Gregory Betts

Opening Reception Friday 11 March 7pm
Readings beginning at 8pm by derek beaulieu, bill bissett & Honey Novick, a.rawlings, kevin mcpherson eckoff and Steve McCaffery & Jeremy Lessard. Musical Performance by Gary Barwin
This exhibit explores the territory where language and visual art intersect through the work of writers and artists. This common (play)ground has been covered by Concrete Poets, Cubists, Dadaists, Futurists, and Surrealists among others. Expanding semantic expression beyond the conventional structures of language includes the exploration of typography as imagery and engages philosophy, semiotics, and political and social commentary. The Bird is the Word will feature six poets and six visual artists from across Canada delving into the conceptual, spatial, and material presence of the written word. It showcases a multiplicity of media and disciplines including video projection, onsite installation, collage, sculpture, and micrography.